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An Entrepreneurial Team Is?

New Venture are often based around people working together as members of an entrepreneurial team. A team can be defined as two or more people who are actively collaborating in the founding of a venture in which they have a direct financial and/ or personal stake.  However being a team is not always enough to succeed either. Therefor is good that we have the same vision of how the market or world could look in the future. We have asked ourselves why our company should exist and what they have for ideal image in the future. 

Once when you know your own why and have a vision of what you want to achieve with your company, it’s easier for you to find a team that can make that trip with you. People are flock animals and work much better in teams. If you find people driven by your idea and seeing the same vision in front of them, they will be loyal and not just work to earn a salary every month.

To get a good start on teamwork, you should convey a shared same vision of what should be accomplished which is very important according to Bruce Tuckerman Forming, storming and norming. Because a blurred vision statement can cause everyone not to strive in the same direction and the group loses production speed. Instead, if you have a well-formulated vision statement that all members can relate to, decisions within the group will be implemented faster because everyone shares the same vision of what should be accomplished. Thus, less time is spent on argumentation about where you are going.

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